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Town of Greensboro Fee Schedule Effective April 1, 2018

~~Town of Greensboro Fee Schedule
Effective: April 1, 2018

Residential Building Permits 
Single family detached $300.00 plus sq. ft. charge (see note 1)
Duplexes $300.00 per sq. unit plus sq. ft. charge (see note 1)
Multi-family / Townhouse units $300.00 plus sq. ft. charge for the first 2 units (see note 1)
 $300.00 ea. Additional unit plus sq. ft. charge (see note 1)

Non-Residential Building Permits 
Commercial, Industrial, Institutional  $300.00 plus sq. ft. charge (see note 1)

Accessory Structures 
Garages/Carports $70.00 plus sq. ft. charge (see note 1)
Sheds 200SF or less $30.00
Sheds over 200SF $70.00 plus sq. ft. charge (see note 1)
Swimming pools/hot tubs/spas $50.00 under 24” no permit
Piers $50.00
Fences $35.00
Wooden Decks $70.00
Renovations/alterations with structural or area changes $100.00 minimum or SF whichever is greater
Additions $75.00 plus SF sq. ft. charge (see note 1)
Signs $20.00/2SF plus $2.00 ea. Add’1 SF/$200.00 maximum 

Hotels/motels/Boarding Houses 
First 2 units $300.00 plus SF charge (see note 2)
Ea. Additional unit $75.00 plus SF charge (see note 2)

Fireplace/Chimney 2 flues plus $65.00 ea. additional flue $15.00
Wood stove $65.00


Zoning Fees

Zoning Certificates 
(change of use) $200.00

Occupancy inspections- comm. Of New Owner $100.00
Occupancy Inspection- New Home $100.00
Re- inspections $25.00

Site plan review $50.00 (see note 3)
Lot Line Adjustment $200.00 plus $100.00 per lot
Appeals Board $300.00 per lot plus public notice plus layer fees

Sub division Application 
Site plan review
     Five or fewer lots $500.00
Six or more lots $600.00 plus $50.00 per lot (see note 3)

1- $.08 per square foot inspection charge in addition to stated dollar amount fee.   
2-  $.12 per square foot inspection charge in addition to stated dollar amount fee.  
3- Plus hourly rates for engineer, zoning inspector, legal and consultant fees plus 10% administrative cost.


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Kids In The Park Day!!

Water Day at Ober Park was a success!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to play we had a great time!

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Greensboro Wastewater Treatment Plant WINS AWARD!!

~~Greensboro Wastewater Treatment Plant wins award ENR MidAtlantic is excited to announce that the Best Projects 2017 competition winners have been revealed: Two panels of industry judges reviewed and discussed more than 60 projects located throughout the region, including Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. The five judges—including architects, engineers and contractors—were divided into two groups and assigned a group of categories. Projects were evaluated on the ability of the project team to overcome challenges, contribution to the industry and community, safety and construction and design quality. Due to the large number of entries, we can only honor a fraction of the projects that are submitted each year, so if your project didn’t win this year, please be sure to submit next year!

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