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Welcome to your Department of Public Works (DPW). Our web page is intended to highlight services provided by DPW and more importantly to help you communicate with us. We pride ourselves in the quality of services we deliver and strive to be responsive to your needs. We hope the information in this web page makes our services easily accessible to you - our customer.

Public Works provides essential services that affect the lives of our citizens every day. Whether it be drinking water, wastewater service, waste management, roadways, sidewalks, storm drains or traffic control, our core services touch all town citizens and directly affect their quality of life.

In addition to providing these services, DPW works in close coordination with our other town departments such as Administration and the Police Dept. We collaborate on a wide variety of issues related to our unique environment within the Town of Greensboro. The respective roles of all three departments collectively lead to the delivery of a wide variety of services to both our citizen and business communities. Within this context we recognize the importance of maintaining open communication. Within DPW we seek to establish cooperative working relationships with the citizen and business communities who we serve.

Through our establishing better understanding of and appreciation for the respective needs of citizens, business and government, we can chart a course for action that better serves our future generations and the unique nature of the Town of Greensboro.

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Town of Greensboro Maryland
113 Main St,
PO Box 340,
Greensboro, MD 21639

Telephone: 410-482-6222

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